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Ukrainian USA & Canada is an information site created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. We are the largest community in terms of media coverage that cooperates with the Ukrainian diaspora.
It is no secret that nowadays internet is the main source of information. Therefore, we created a portal with a convenient and understandable interface. The main advantage of the site is that it is easy of use. Its goal is comprehensive support of Ukrainians and assistance in the process of adaptation.

Here you can find a job or housing, learn about business services and always be aware of current events and useful news. We have created appropriate sections for each of your requests: "Job", "Housing", "News".


Thousands of Ukrainians try to find a job every day. The website Ukrainian.us offers a wide platform called "Jobs", which allows many people to post job ads.

We understand that not only employees are truly interested in employment, but employers are also actively looking for qualified personnel today. So with the help of a convenient section called "Job" on the Ukrainian.us website, we hope that the problem of many can be solved.


In the "Housing" section, it is possible to place an ad for sale or rent of real estate quickly and easily. Also you can buy or rent your favorite apartment, house, land and commercial real estate.


We have gathered the team of talented and experienced journalists who prepare comprehensive news for you and supplement our resource with important information.
In this section, you can learn about the main events of the Ukrainian diaspora and much more. Our priority is useful and relevant content, the latest and true news.

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