- opening up new boundless horizons for your business is one of the largest international platforms that unites Ukrainians around the world. Hundreds of thousands of users have chosen us as their reliable and accessible platform for finding a job, exchanging information, buying or selling housing, promoting their own business, buying, selling or renting a car, looking for new opportunities, starting and running their own business.
  • We overcome borders

    With us, your business gets unlimited opportunities for development and growth. The website and mobile app, combined with our social networks and groups, which already have tens of thousands of users every day, are a unique advantage for advertising and promoting your brand, products, and services. And we are ready to share it with you.

  • Effective banner advertising

    to a wide audience that can be customized to your needs. For example, display in specific cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. Setting the duration of the display, choosing the language, selecting the most effective placement locations and target audience will allow you to achieve maximum coverage and make your advertising effective with

  • Placing ads in the catalogs

    like Job, Housing, Services, Transportation and/or on the pages of our website next to the latest news, exciting events and activities of our Business Forum will certainly attract the attention of your potential customers.

  • Advertising on our own radio

    if you want to make your advertising as emotional as possible, you can place a bright banner on the radio page and at the same time address your audience with a voiceover on our 100% Ukrainian-language online radio

Advertising in social networks and groups of is an effective advertising without any restrictions!
  • Reaching users without geographical restrictions - you can attract customers in all cities of the United States, Canada, and Europe, or choose a specific location and coverage according to your desire and strategic marketing strategies.
  • Round-the-clock contact with potential customers without time limits - your advertising on our resources works 24/7.
  • Interaction with the interested audience without communication restrictions - instant clicks on links to landing pages and websites.
  • Analytics and in-depth analysis without information and statistical restrictions - the ability to track the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and adjust the chosen strategy according to the results.
  • Predictability of budgeting and variability without restrictions in the selection of advertising strategies - the effectiveness of advertising can be predicted and the optimal budget can be determined to achieve the desired results as accurately as possible.
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